Phương pháp chẩn đoán và can thiệp đối với trẻ có biểu hiện thành vi hung tính

Methods of diagnosis and intervention for children with aggressive behaviors
Nơi đăng: the 1st International conference on reseach in Education, Arts, Management and Science, Số: , Trang: 405-412, Năm: 2015, Loại bài viết: Bài báo, Quốc gia: Quốc tế.


  In modern ups and downs sociaty, children face many risks that make them have many psychological disorders like for instance anxiety, depression, autism, addiction, especially aggressive behaviors. Children with aggression are more likely easy to hurt themselves and others, and they have difficulties in integration with people around them. This affects their comprehensive physical and mental development. Therefore, reseaching on methods for the diagnosis of children’s aggressive behaviors is a very significant meaning job to be able to detect, support children with aggression in time.