Mức độ hạnh phúc của phụ nữ Việt Nam

Nơi đăng: International Conference on Sciences and Social Sciences (ICSSS 2016), Số: , Trang: 10-22, Năm: 2016, Loại bài viết: Bài báo, Quốc gia: Việt Nam.


Abstract “Happiness depends on ourselves” - Aristotle (384–322 B.C.); “Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be” - Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) and “Happiness is loving our life we live” - definition of Professor Ruut Veenhoven (1942- ). What do we know about the happiness of women in Vietnam today? The research project surveyed 385 women (373 Vietnamese and 5 American; 5 Thai; 2 French) aged between 25 to 55... Survey items were clustered into 5 groups of measured happiness: (1) Family (husband and children); (2) job; (3) situation of health; (4) finance and (5) relationships. The Happiness Test (developed by Michael Argyle and Peter Hills, 2002), has 29 items based on the interval scale of 6 points. The result is an average of 29 items: Between one and two points: Not happy. Between two and three points: Somewhat unhappy. Between three and four points: Neutral – not really happy or unhappy. Four points: Somewhat happy or moderately happy - satisfied. Between four and five points: Rather happy; pretty happy. Between five and six points: Very happy. Six points: Too happy.  The results show that 18.9% of women ‘feeling happy’; 10% do not share the same feeling. A reason for happiness is the positive relationship in the family. Income does have positive correlation where income between 250 and 500$/month relates to the ‘happiest’ report. Women in the 25-30 age seem “happier” than other age groups.  The measures to increase women's happiness to the psychological well-being (e.g. feeling stressed, sad or angry…); joining group activities such as yoga; conversation club for women…   Key words: happy; happiness; woman; life; mental health