Mỗi tương quan giữa lo lắng và thành tích thi đấu thể thao ở ĐH Đà Nẵng

The Relationship Between Anxiety And Sporting Achievements Of Students At Danang University
Nơi đăng: International Journal of Health, Physical Education and Computer Science in Sports, Số: , Trang: 25-30, Năm: 2016, Loại bài viết: Bài báo, Quốc gia: India.


Abstract:   Sport is one of the most important activities to improve human’s health. At universities, apart from  taking physical education courses, students also participate in sports tournaments at different levels ranging from university tournaments, i.e. the Faculty of Physical Education, or the University of Danang, its member universities and colleges, to national and regional ones. Soccer, volleyball, and badminton were found to be among the most popular sporting activities to be organized frequently in school tournaments. Yet, upon joining such activities, most students fell stressful and anxious. To evaluate the relationship between anxiety and sporting achievements of undergraduate contestants, we employed research methods of questionnaires, in-depth interview and Zung Self-rating Anxiety Scale on 164 students and 24 coaches. The results indicated that if a student felt anxious before tournaments, his competing spirit and sporting achievement would suffer negatively. Accordingly, this paper proposed some solutions to reduce anxiety for undergraduate competitors such as proper training time; healthy diet, stress relief, using protective wear for leg, arm, and head, consulting technical coach and especially psychological counselor before joining sport competitions.Keywords: student, coach; competitions; anxiety; achievement.